Why use a buyer’s agent? 

When it comes to real estate, buyers are competing in an uneven playing field. This arena in which you will operate maybe a handful of times in your life, real estate agents live and breathe on a daily basis. Even when you think you've had a win, chances are you've been outplayed - you just don't know it. The truth is no matter how smart you are, or how much you research, you cannot hope to know what a real estate agent has learned across their career. You just don't have that experience.

So a buyer's agent makes sense. We are licensed professionals with a duty of care obligation to serve the best interests of our clients. As a representative of a selling client, we are duty bound to act in their best interests - that is to maximise the sale price of their property in a professional, honest and ethical manner. As representatives of buyers, the same applies; only that we now use our experience and expertise to purchase at the best price we can for you - in a professional, honest and ethical manner.


We can do either, but never at the same time. That means we will never charge you a buyer's agency fee for a property we are selling, nor will we receive any incentive from the vendor or their agent for a property we are purchasing on your behalf. It isn't ethical or lawful.


Haydon Homes & Properties provides a buyer's service that will ensure you find and purchase the best possible property at the right price in today's market.


Our charges are fixed and our terms are clear, provided to you in writing, so you can feel confident that any 'risk' you feel you may be taking is offset with certainty and security of knowing that we are in your corner, working with passion and professionalism to help you purchase a home, an investment, or a commercial property for yourself or your loved ones.


With Eloise Haydon & Robert Sampson as your team, you have over 18 years of buying and selling property, and their experience, expertise and professionalism become your resource. Regardless of where we are in the property and economic cycle, they will serve you and help you achieve your objectives using strategies appropriate for the current market conditions.

Whether you are looking for your dream home, an investment, commercial property or a holiday home we're here to take your stress away.

"Having purchased and sold property ourselves, we were comfortable we could find and negotiate the purchase of our home in the Southern Highlands. It soon became clear to us that the Highlands had its desirable and not so desirable addresses and prices, so we decided to get some advice.

We engaged Haydon Homes & Properties, who provided us with a much more nuanced view. They helped us find the right property, identify where value was, and how to work with the selling agent to achieve our outcome.


It was so helpful to us to know that we had and expert with inside knowledge in our corner who could look out for our interests and make sure we didn't pay more than we needed to secure our property. We are so delighted to now call the Southern Highlands our home."


VL & JL, Sutton Forest.

Property search, representation & negotiation
  • Property search - We leverage our network of relationships to identify opportunities before they hit the market. By maintaining strong industry connections, we are able to work with agents to get the 'inside run' on properties either in off-market or pre-market situations.

  • Inspection and reporting - Arranging and attending inspections as your representative. Completely confidential and discreet, we can assess and report on your behalf, doing the legwork, looking behind the styled photographs and glossy brochures to make an honest and accurate assessment of your prospective purchase.

  • Appraisal and estimate - You get a competitive edge in the market. Through our research (including access to professional databases), local knowledge and understanding of the Southern Highlands market, and our recommendations, you receive deeper insights and information to drive your decision making.

  • Auction and negotiation - We will negotiate the best possible price for either a private treaty, a pre auction or post auction sale. Our extensive knowledge of the Southern Highlands and the agencies that operate in this area helps us know the strategies that local selling agents use to manage expectations. Our strategies are designed to set expectations in your favour to secure the best possible deal for you - including price, settlement terms and contract changes.

  • Exchange of contracts - Once arriving at a negotiated offer and acceptance, continued effort and attention is required to ensure that exchange take place in a timely manner. This is a time when deals can stumble and fall, so it's critical that this process is guided with care, diligence, attention to detail and a sense of urgency commensurate with he importance of the transaction.

Post exchange of contracts we will continue to monitor progress toward settlement and provide support where necessary. We attend the final pre-settlement inspection to ensure that the property is presented to you to a high quality standard. Remember, we don't get paid our final fee until settlement.

  • A Solutions Network - When you work with us, you get access to our network of professionals who provide high quality and great value in the services they provide. This includes services such as:
    • Building  and pest inspections.

    • Strata inspections.

    • Conveyancing and legal support.

    • Cleaning and maintenance.

    • Property management.

    • Removalist.

    • Concierge services.

    • Styling and design.

"Like so many people during Covid, moving from interstate to the Southern Highlands, presented its challenges.


Eloise Haydon of Haydon Homes and Properties: - She was the how, and the who, of buying our house and making our dream real.


But buying a house online and unseen - except for the Ads - is - insane. Right?


Not if you hold hands with someone who knows what they're doing, understands what you want - better than you do - and also knows this market, house by house, street by street and vista by vista.


Flexible, calm and insightful, and so professional, Eloise helped us through the stress of what we were actually doing.


First, last and always we trusted Eloise's advice. And we trusted her to negotiate for us. As a result, we paid a fair price in a red-hot market.


Thank you, Eloise. We could not have made this move without your expert help."


PGE, Berrima.

Property appraisal & report

Is a property worth what is being asked? Does it really fit your brief? Are you assessing this property rationally and dispassionately? What are its strengths and weaknesses?


All of these questions pose real limitations on buyers when it comes to informed decision making when purchasing. Our property appraisal reports takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of the process.


"Eloise Haydon was instrumental in the purchase of our new house.

We found the house ourselves, through doing the long, hard yards of constant inspections and emailing agents,

managing to be invited to a viewing for a select few. The owners wanted to keep the sale off-market as they were long time residents in the area. We were still competing against three other keen families however and had no idea how to put our best foot forward in what was essentially a blind auction.


Our first bid was rejected by the vendor's agent, and we were despondent. We called Eloise for advice, and asked for her help and expertise to negotiate the sale. She immediately saw potential for a sale to us, understood our bargaining power and negotiated in a strong yet friendly manner on our behalf. The vendor's agent repeatedly told me how much she enjoyed dealing with Eloise and that she would love to work with her!

Eloise inevitably secured an absolutely amazing deal for us, there were unusual terms and it was a beyond red hot market. We were and are immensely grateful for her help, advice, and calm, honest approach. At every step we felt she was in our corner, fighting for us, and clearly know SO much more than us about negotiating real estate. Having someone with experience and wisdom, who is a step away so can take all the emotion out of it is so important. I have no doubt we would not have secured the house without her.


We hope never to move, however if we did, we would be using Eloise again for any future purchase!"

ER & BR, Palm Beach.

Auction attendance & bidding 

You may not have time, may not be available, or it may not be in your best interests to be there... we can help.


Having attended, conducted and bid and hundreds of auctions we understand the environment, know the pressures, and identify the triggers that help you win at auction. That does not mean paying the highest price - that means being the last one standing and purchasing at a price that fits with your budget and values.

Buyer’s advisory

Many buyers are comfortable to negotiate the sale of their property, but value insights, feedback and support in this process. Our buyer's advisory service is your sounding board for insight and expertise. We can help you understand any specific conditions and idiosyncrasies of the Southern Highlands real estate market, and provide you with advice and knowledge that will level the playing field and in many cases give you a winning advantage.


"Haydon Homes & Properties was brilliant. Eloise walked us through a number of great properties we were interested in, when we really couldn't get there ourselves - for border closures or other reasons. We built a great rapport - the first time we actually saw the house we did buy, was after we settled. This takes trust."


AB, Berrima.